Geological, hydrogeological, geotechnical and geophysical studies for:

complex hydrotechnical settlements (dams, dikes and hydroelectric power plants), thermoelectric nuclear power plants and of cogeneration, micro-hydropower plants, wind parks and photovoltaic, radioactive waste deposits, high voltage lines, transformer stations, gravels, civil and industrial buildings, wastewater treatment plants, roads and bridges (ways of communication).



   Seismic measurements:

  • At surface, by seismic refraction method: Standard – 1D; Seismic Refraction Tomography (SRT) – 2D; Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW) – 1D
  • In drillings (micro-seismo logging ) by the following methods: downhole, uphole si crosshole

  • Determination of dynamic parameters of foundation soil (VP, VS, Уdin, Edin, Gdin, Tg)  

Equipment used: digital seismic station with 24 channels /24-bits (A 6000 S/24- TDE Company – Italy) - vertical surface geophones - three-ways drilling geophones (3D)- TDE Company – Italy Software used for data processing and interpretation in standard seismic refraction (1D), seismic tomography (2D) and MASW (1D) – is SeisImager 1D/2D (GEOMETRICS- USA)


Geoelectrical measurements:

  • Vertical electrical surveys method (SEV) with devices type Schlumberger or Wenner
  • Electrical resistivity tomography method (ERT)

  • Natural polarization method (PN 

Equipment used: electrometric multielectrod digital station A 3000-E (TDE Company – Italy).

Data processing geoelectrical software: IPI2WIN – 2D (Russia)

RES2DINV-2D (GEOTOMO - Malaysia).

Seismological investigations:

  • Seismic hazard evaluation (computing accelerograms and design response spectra) in the important industrial and civil construction sites (dams, CNE).
  • Vibration measurements (explosions, mechanical shocks, a.s.o.)

  • Seismic surveillance of the dams 
  • Seismic zoning and microzoning of the construction sites


Non-destructive investigations for determination of the concrete quality and strength:

  • Ultrasound measurements for determining the quality and strength of concrete on elements from construction structure (foundations, columns, beams, ceilings, a.s.o.)

Equipment used: Digital Betonoscop Tico B 1480 (Proceq Company - Switzerland)

  • Measurements with digital pahometer for highlighting the position of armatures and determining their diameter

Equipment used: Profometer 5 Scanlog (Proceq Company - Switzerland).

  • Sonic measurements to determine riders integrity (PIT method)

Equipment used: Echo Test A300 ET (TDE Company – Italy).


GEORADAR investigations:

  • Pipes, electrical cables and buried foundations detection
  • Detection of gaps

  • Archaeology 
  • Infiltrations and holes in dikes, dams, adduction galleries a.s.o.
  • Location / identification of polluted areas by hydrocarbons 

Equipment used: SIR 3000 (GSSI – USA).


Inclinometer measurements:

  • Slides tracking in time.

Equipment used: Geo Slope (Slope Indicator - USA)


Thermometry measurements in boreholes:

  • Detecting and tracking the time of infiltration through dikes and dams.




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